SWW-MWSA Joint Conference Awards Program

Welcome SouthWest Writers!

The leadership of MWSA and SWW have decided to cooperate in each other’s awards programs for the 2019 season. Both our seasons will culminate in an awards banquet at the end of our Joint Conference in Albuquerque, NM this coming September.

As an extra incentive to participation—in both the conference and the respective awards programs—both organizations are waiving their normal membership requirement in order to qualify for entry into each other’s awards programs.


Any SWW member who wishes to submit their book for review and award consideration with MWSA may do so if they agree to abide by the following points

Click each bullet below for expanded details

1. Be qualified to become a member of MWSA ▼

  • Here are the membership qualifications listed in our bylaws:
  • An Active Member pays a prescribed annual dues and must have served in the United States military, is presently serving in the United States military, or is an immediate family member of one of the above, or is an active writer of military-related books and/or articles that do not disparage the United States military.
  • We're waiving the requirement that participating SWW member authors "pay a prescribed annual dues" for this awards season
    • Of course, if you'd like to join MWSA (as many SWW members already have), we'd love to have you join us!

Click here to visit our membership page.

2. Pay the $40 submission fee ▼

3. Abide by all existing rules and procedures (except, as a one-time exception, the requirement that submitting authors be MWSA members in good standing—i.e. dues current) ▼

4. Agree to be trained and review three books as MWSA reviewers during the 2019 season (i.e. by August 15th)▼

  • In order to qualify to submit a book without paying the normal $75 annual dues, we're asking participating SWW authors to agree to ameliorate the additional workload by agreeing to help out as reviewers.
    • Since each book is evaluated by three separate reviewers, your agreeing to review three other MWSA books helps ensure that we'll have enough reviewers to meet our reviewing workload.
    • August 15th is when we plan to announce our awards finalists, so all evaluations need to be complete before then.
  • MWSA reviewer training consists of a reading a series of instructional slides, which normally takes about an hour or less.

Click here for the MWSA Reviewer Training Page

  • After reviewing training slides, please complete the training accomplishment form--located just below the slides
    • Please be sure to include your status as SWW member along with your qualifying membership connection to the military in the comments section at the end of form
  • Please remember, just like MWSA reviewers, SWW reviewer/authors cannot review a book in the same genre and subcategory of their submitted book
    • I.e. if submitting a Mystery/Thriller, you cannot review a book in that genre; but you can review Historical Fiction--or any other genre
  • If after reviewing the training slides you have any questions, or feel like you need a one-on-one training session with one of our Awards Directors, we'd be happy to do so! Just email us at
  • Jim Tritten (a member of both organizations) has also volunteered to help walk any SWW member through our training.
  • Failure to review three books during the season will disqualify the SWW author's book for review or award

Submit Your Book

Once you’ve read the requirements and completed your MWSA reviewer training, you may submit your book to MWSA by clicking on the button below.

To ensure speedy processing of your submission, please include:

1) the fact that you’re an SWW member, and
2) your qualifying military connection (e.g. “my mother/son/sister served in the Army” or “I often write about the military”)

in the "Remarks to Awards Directors" section of the submission form.

Thank you... and good luck!