"Boost" your book or interview on Facebook


"Boost" your book or interview on Facebook

from 25.00

New Program—Boost (advertise) your book’s library listing or author interview on Facebook.

Pick your budget option, and MWSA will:

  • Blast your existing MWSA book listing or author interview to our Public and Book Marketing & Open Mic pages on Facebook and our Twitter feed.

  • Boost that posting according to your budget selection.

Current Targeting and Boost Options:

  • Goal: clicks on your book/interview page on our MWSA website

    • We’re offering this boost at cost (i.e., all money goes into your boosted Facebook post) because your advertising budget sends visitors to your listing on our website.

    • That, in turn, helps people find out about you, your book, and MWSA!

  • Target audience:

    • USA

    • >= 18 years of age

    • Interests: literature, books, military

  • Length of Boost: depends on budget set and number of clicks, normally 5-10 days


  • This is a test program and we cannot guarantee a specific result in terms of visitors—much less book sales!

  • The boosted post must link to the MWSA website, not your own website or other commercial website.

  • We may add more targeting options in the future so you can focus more effectively on your specific target audience.

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