Book Review Waiting List

This is the list of books assigned or waiting to be assigned to a Reviewer. When a review might be done or a book assigned is information we cannot provide as there are far too many variables. If your book was on the list the last time you looked and it is not now, check the bookstore as your review is more than likely posted or will be within a week. Do not email asking when a book might be completed,

24 Years And 40 Days
Title Assigned Date Title Assigned Date
Fate Unknown  9/13/14  Into the Land of Darkness   
The Quest for Freedom   Red Legs of the Bulge    
Map of Thieves    7/31/14 Those Who Remain  
Charetin, 1018   War Films      
54 Poems     White Passage: Red Sun   7/31/14 
We Were Beautiful Once CD     The Kansas NCO   
Deliver us from Evil    Vipers Tail       9/14/14 
Hunting Jimmy Joe         The Trident Deception        
Sand and Fire   Chopper Warriors   
Paragraphs    Chita Quest   
Trinity Icon     A Daughter's Hero  
Born on the Crest of a Wave    The Man Called Brown Condor  
24 Years And 40 Days