Animal Parts, by David Knop

A Cochiti Pueblo cop chases beastlike poachers murdering humans and seeks retribution for the spirit of a cougar in this thriller. New Mexico Game and Fish enlists Peter Romero to track and kill a mountain lion responsible for a hiker’s death and someone else injured. He succeeds, only to have Cougar, the animal’s spirit, appear later and demand vengeance against others who’ve murdered his mate and children. Pueblo governor Herbert Trujillo next sends Romero after poachers, who turn out to be hunters removing and selling specific parts from animals. The poachers take a shot at Romero once he’s on their trail, but during a subsequent confrontation, the cop sees what he describes as a creature with “serpent eyes” and “jagged dogteeth.” And there’s more than one of what he determines are cannibalistic windigos, whose murder victims likewise include humans. Romero works with FBI Special Agent Jean Reel on an investigation that takes them to Oklahoma, while the cop’s attraction to Reel complicates his goal of mending ties with estranged wife, Constancia. The fact that fellow law enforcers aren’t buying Romero’s windigo assertion doesn’t stop him from finding a way to slay the beasts. He’ll just have to prove that the men he suspects are murderous cannibals. Regardless, the protagonist fully believes what he sees, and he’s devoted to stopping the murderers, despite a fear that he’ll spend life in prison for offing reputed humans.

Author: David Knop
ISBN/ASIN: 978-1-944785-79-6
Book Format(s): Soft cover
Genre(s): Mystery/Thriller
Number of Pages: 260