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Military Writers Society of America
Book Review Request

If you are a new member or are unfamiliar with the book submission process, please visit our website. Read our Book Review and Award Criteria, which can also be found under the Book Reviews, Reviews and Awards menu. The book must be currently in print (paper, e-book or iBook), have an ISBN (Standard Book Number) or ASIN (Amazon Number), and be available for sale online at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

  • Do not send a book until the Lead Reviewer requests your book.
  • Never send a book to our post office box. Copies arriving at our PO Box address are considered gifts, not books for review.
  • Do not submit a book that disparages or is anti U.S.A and or Military. We are a non-political organization.
  • Do not submit a book that is unpublished or not yet available for purchase.
  • Do not send .DOC, ARC, PDFs, etc files.
    Note: We do review e-books, but when the book is assigned to a reviewer we expect you to purchase a gift copy (download) to be e-mailed to the Lead Reviewer for forwarding to a reviewer.
  • We review iBooks, written and audio, the author must provide a code number to the Lead Reviewer so that
    the reviewer can download a copy at no charge.
  • Do not enclose reviews or notes with your book because that will eliminate your book from the awards process.
  • Your book must arrive at the reviewers within ten days after you are notified to ship your book for review.
  • You are the Author of the work, entering the Genre is your responsibility, review all the possibilites offered on the form then make your selection.
  • When entering the Author name enter all the authors names not just your own
  • If you are submitting to the Awards Contest keep in mind that when Finalists are announced and if you are one, you should immediately go to our website page and check the expiration date of your dues. Te receive an award your dues must be current past that years conference (not expire prior to October 1st.) . So, if your dues have expired or will, renew no later than August 31st of that year to qualify.

To verify your book was received, click on the Book Reviews link, then click on the Books Pending  on the drop-down list. All books waiting for review and books assigned for review are listed here. Do not e-mail us asking when a review will be complete. If your title was there one day and gone the next, check under the Reviews section to see if it has been posted to the website.

PAYMENT: If your are submitting your book for review the cost is $25.00 for review/award entrythe fee is $75.00. For non-members the fees are $75.00/$110.00 respectively. You can do so by either sending a check to MWSA at the address to the right, or by requesting that the Lead Reviewer e-mail you a PayPal invoice that you can pay electronically with debit or credit cards. 

* Fees Changed effective June 22, 2015

P.O. Box 1768
Cranberry Twp., PA 16066

NOTE: You are required to read our Book Review and Awards Criteria prior to submitting a book or other work for review and award consideration. Your submission of this completed form is taken as an acknowledgment that you have read, understand, and agree to the criteria stated in the MWSA membership handbook. 

Complete this form carefully, leaving no required fields blank.