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Title of Work Author(s) Mentioned Reviewersort ascending Work Type
Victory Road
Image of Victory Road: A Texas Gun Club Novel
Bowlin, Mark Boyland, Lee Book Reviews
Barksdale Chronicles in America, Vol I
Image of Barksdale Chronicles In America, Vol I: The Stories Of John Hickerson And Hickerson Barksdale
Groves, Robert Boyland, Lee Book Reviews
Image of Rhombus
Gore, Bob Boyland, Lee Book Reviews
Beware the Jabberwock
Image of Beware the Jabberwock (Post Cold War Political Thriller, Vol. 1)
Campbell, Chester D. Boyland, Lee Book Reviews
SAT & BAF! Memories of a Tower Rat
Image of SAT & BAF!: Memories of a Tower Rat
DePew, Doug Boyland, Lee Book Reviews
King of Hearts
Image of King of Hearts
Seligson, Tom Boyland, Lee Book Reviews
Mystic Dancer
Image of mystic dancer
Rist, Frederick Boyland, Lee Book Reviews
Red Sky at Morning
Image of Red Sky at Morning
Wilson, Steve Beard, Elizabeth Book Reviews
Poems for the Lord in 2 Days, 54
Image of 54 Poems for the Lord in 2 Days
Perkins-Brown, Barbara Beard, Betsy Book Reviews
Burn the Town and Sack the Banks: Confederates Attack Vermont
Image of Burn the Town and Sack the Banks: Confederates Attack Vermont!
Prince, Cathryn Beard, Betsy Book Reviews
Fear of Beauty
Image of Fear of Beauty
Froetschel, Susan Beard, Betsy Book Reviews
Balancing Power
Image of Balancing Power
Graves, Francis Beard, Betsy Book Reviews
Born on the Crest of a Wave
Image of Born on the Crest of a Wave
Kehoe, Jonathan Beard, Betsy Book Reviews
Carvalko, Joe Beard, Betsy Book Reviews
Recipient's Son: A Novel of Honor, The
Image of The Recipient's Son: A Novel of Honor
Phillips, Stephen Beard, Betsy Book Reviews
Mistletoe, Merriment, and Murder
Image of Mistletoe, Merriment, and Murder (An Ellie Avery Mystery)
Rosett, Sara Beard, Betsy Book Reviews
Pendulum Over the Pacific
Image of Pendulum Over the Pacific
Trainer, Timothy Beard, Betsy Book Reviews
Rendition, The
Image of The Rendition
Ashforth, Albert Beard, Betsy Book Reviews
Changing the Rules of Engagement
Image of Changing the Rules of Engagement: Inspiring Stories of Courage and Leadership from Women in the Military
LaGuaria-Kotite, Martha Beard, Betsy Book Reviews
Valdinato, 1943
Image of Valdinato, 1943 (The World War Two Series Book 6)
Westwood, David Beard, Betsy Book Reviews
Carquinez Straits
Image of Carquinez Straits
Chaney, Roger Beard, Betsy Book Reviews
Trail Cook
Image of Trail Cook
Michaelson, David Beard, Betsy Book Reviews
Grave Secrets
Image of Grave Secrets
Swink, Linda Beard, Betsy Book Reviews
Codename Aphrodite
Image of Codename Aphrodite
Faddis, Charles S. Beard, Betsy Book Reviews
Barbados Bound
Image of Barbados Bound
Collison, Linda Beard, Betsy Book Reviews