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Title of Worksort descending Author(s) Mentioned Reviewer Work Type
Road to Frogmore: Turning Slaves Into Citizens, The
Image of The Road to Frogmore: Turning Slaves into Citizens
Schriber, Carolyn P. Wood, Hodge Book Reviews
Road to Iwo Jima, The
Image of The Road to Iwo Jima
McGraham, Tom Gilmour, Joyce Book Reviews
Roadside Bombs and Democracy: An American Police Officer in Iraq
Image of Roadside Bombs and Democracy
Little, William Faulkner, Joyce Book Reviews
Roar of the Dragon, The
Image of The Roar of the Dragon
Berry, Bill Ballister, Rob Book Reviews
ROE: Rules of Engagement (The Philip Lawson Saga, Book Two)
Image of Roe: Rules of Engagement
Rambow, Bill Flournoy, Bob Book Reviews
Rogue Avenger: They Stole his Future. He Stole their Submarine
Image of Rogue Avenger (Rogue Submarine) (Volume 1)
Monteith, John R. McDonald, Bill Book Reviews
Rogue Crusader
Image of Rogue Crusader (Rogue Submarine) (Volume 3)
Monteith, John R. Chatfield, Gail Book Reviews
Rogue Defender
Image of Rogue Defender (Rogue Submarine) (Volume 4)
Monteith, John R. Geschke, Dick Book Reviews
Image of Rotorboys
Carello, Larry Evans, Frank Book Reviews
Rough War: The Combat Story of Lt Paul J Eastman, a "Burma Banshee" P...
Image of Rough War: The Combat Story of Lt. Paul J. Eastman, a Burma Banshee P-40 and P-47 Pilot
Shiel, Walt Greenwald, Jim Book Reviews
RPM Rockin' in the Free World
Image of RPM Rockin' in the Free World
Means, Heather Wood, Hodge Book Reviews
Rule of Ranging 1: Eclipse of the Midnight Sun (Volume 1), The
Image of Eclipse of the Midnight Sun (The Rule of Ranging)
Kestrel, Timothy M. Geschke, Dick Book Reviews
Sacred Ground: A Tribute to America's Veterans
Image of Sacred Ground: A Tribute to America's Veterans
Ruck, Tom Brown, Dave Book Reviews
Safe Landings; Memoirs of an Aviator's Wife
Image of Safe Landings
McGraw, Fran Wikoff, Larry Book Reviews
Saga of the Sioux
Image of Saga of the Sioux: An Adaptation from Dee Brown's Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
Zimmerman, Dwight Jon Greenwald, Jim Book Reviews
Saigon Gold
Image of Saigon Gold
Scott, Hugh Gilmour, Joyce Book Reviews
Saigon Party: And Other Vietnam War Short Stories, A
Image of A Saigon Party: and Other Vietnam War Short Stories
Dell, Diana J. McDonald, Bill Book Reviews
Sand and Fire
Image of Sand and Fire (A Parson and Gold Novel)
Young, Tom Epley, Joe Book Reviews
Sandman, The
Image of The Sandman
Lucero, David Avery, Pat McGrath Book Reviews
Sandpipers Game, The Boyle, Charles Gilmour, Joyce Book Reviews
SAT & BAF! Memories of a Tower Rat
Image of SAT & BAF!: Memories of a Tower Rat
DePew, Doug Boyland, Lee Book Reviews
Saving Babylon
Image of Saving Babylon: The Heart of an Army Interrogator in Iraq
Holton, Paul McDonald, Bill Book Reviews
Scatterlings of Africa
Image of Scatterlings of Africa
Davies, Peter McDonald, Bill Book Reviews
Scottish Thistle, The
Image of The Scottish Thistle
Vallar, Cindy Gilmour, Joyce Book Reviews
Sea of Shadows
Image of Sea of Shadows
Edwards, Jeff McDonald, Bill Book Reviews