Five Star reviews for 'Trinity Icon'

The latest novel in the Michael Neill Adventure series has begun to garner reviews, and is being enthusiastically embraced by readers. 'Trinity Icon' is the third book in the series, and features military espionage, a healthy dose of action, the intriguing world of geo-politics, and even romance. When I began writing the book 15 months ago, I was drawn to the idea of a missile defense shield positioned in Poland and Romania--a topic that has now come to the forefront of current events.

Readers can get a summary of the book and look over the first reviews by going to this link:

Steven Pressfield's "The Warrior Ethos": One Marine Officer's Critique and Counterpoint

"Warrior Ethos" Understanding military thinking. Two opposing opinions brought together to enlighten both warrior and non-warrior.

Steven Pressfield's "The Warrior Ethos": One Marine Officer's Critique and Counterpoint /i>
by Edward H. Carpenter
Book Category: Creative Non-Fiction
Reviewed by: jim greenwald

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 0991557204

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Carpenter, Edward H.

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Vietnam Through The Eyes of a United States Marine

Sgt. Clyde Hoch will be introducing his newest book at the Lehigh County Heritage Museum, 432 W. Walnut St, Allentown PA. phone 610 435 1074.

The book "God Help Me! Cause No One Else Will" was written to help a father or mother better understand what their son or daughter may be going through. It may help a wife better understand why her husband does or acts the way he does. It will help you look for warning signs and where to look for help. If we lose one veteran to suicide we have all failed.

KISS a Press Release

by Christine Kohler, author of NO SURRENDER SOLDIERI am surprised by the number of authors who are baffled how to write a press release. But that’s really not fair of me, considering I have a journalism degree, worked as a reporter and editor, and did public relations for several years while in graduate school.