2014 Conference

After October 1, 2013 we will start to post information on our next conference which will be in Phoenix, AZ. So check back periodically so that you will be up to date on what is planned and things we are working on.No information will be posted to f/b so you will need to check our website.


Shadows of Combat, Poetry about the Vietnam Era

Combat Vets writing about what they lived in Vietnam

Shadows of Combat, Poetry about the Vietnam Era
by Richard C. Geschke & Robert A. Toto
Book Category: Poetry
Reviewed by: Lee Boyland

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 1627726950

Author(s) Mentioned: 
Geschke, Richard C.
Toto, Robert A.

Anthology Signing Process

Anthology Signing Process - The Glenn Room is our Hospitality Suite, it will have coffee and drinks in it for conference attendees. There will be a table to place your anthology on for signing. When you receive your anthology at the registration (make certain to write your name on the insde cover) desk it will have note paper affixed to the cover with a paperclip. Members are encouraged to make an effort to sign every book (Do not leave your anthology at the registration desk).


Beauty of the Collaborative Creative Process

I've been listening on YouTube to a variety of classical pieces from an assortment of orchestras and artists. Earlier today, I listened to a clip of Beethoven sonatas played by pianist Angela Hewitt. It mixes commentary with performance. The clip is relatively short, under 10 minutes. Near the end, she talks about the creative process with regards to performing for a recording that I found resonated in a cross-format approach that was cogently instructive.

DISPATCHES Fall 2013 Conference Edition

Attached is the Fall 2013 Conference Edition of DISPATCHES. Editor Pat Avery and Designer Joyce Faulkner have done a great job, once again. As the issue doubles as the Conference program, here's an opportunity for attendees to get an advance look at what they can expect. I hope the upload works. Will also post on Facebook.