Poems for the Lord in 2 Days, 54

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54 Poems for the Lord in 2 Days

by Barbara Perkins-Brown

Book Category: Poetry
Reviewed by: Betsy Beard
ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 1490369864

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Perkins-Brown, Barbara

RAVEN ONE gives insight into today's tactical airstrikes

Operation Inherent Resolve conducted eight airstikes today in Iraq and Syria. The press release is fairly boilerplate, describing the general geographical area, results, and participating coalition countries. While releases of this nature are often seen as ho-hum routine, the public needs to know that they are NOT routine, and the men and women involved are under tremendous pressure and putting themselves at great risk. That they make it look routine is a testament to their professionalism. If you or your circle wish to know what it is like, my novel RAVEN ONE can shed light.