Fate Unknown

  • The reader is on the ground with the 101st Airborne, Vietnam, 1966!  Story educates - the military jargon and politics of the time are clearly defined ... you find yourself there and wonder how anyone will survive ... or recover!  Reads  like a novel that is, unfortunately, too real!

Fate Unknown by Galen G. Mitchell Book Category: Memoir Reviewed by Hodge Wood ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store):1496082206


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Mitchell, Galen G.

Kansas NCO, The

The Kansas NCO by Joe Campolo, Jr. Book Category: Mystery/Thriller, Reviewed by Michael D. Mullins ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): B00L76K0W4

The Kansas NCO is a mystery action fiction set in war-torn Vietnam.  It is a story of a powerful puppetmaster controlling the destinies of men with questions about the war in which they found themselves embroiled. They make mistakes, creating personal moral dilemmas but learn how to survive and seek a course to redemption.

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Campolo Jr, Joe

What is an airstrike?

What is an airstrike?

In the "Newspeak" of today's media, released by DoD no less, an "airstrike" is what occurs when one air-delivered weapon detonates on the ground. Many of you familiar with the term "airstrike" consider them to be formations of aircraft, one or two dozen aircraft, acting in concert to hit a target or group of aimpoints. "Strike packages" consisting of dozens of "sorties" of individual aircraft are flown against assigned targets over the course of days or weeks.