Amazon ASIN Reminder

Hi everyone,

Just want to remind you to post your Amazon ASIN number for your book in the slot made available for it in your profile. This is how you get your book into the Amazon Members Book store. Also, I want to encourage you to include it in any blog entry so that folks can go right to the store and buy your book if they like what you are saying.  

Here's a more extensive explanation from Chris Wyatt, our web designer:

A Novel Approach

Hi.  I'm Jack London.  MWSA asked me to contribute a weekly note about writing, a column I call A Novel Approach.

It isn't just for novelists.  A Novel Approach is for all writers and is designed to help us jump start or get past  some of the nagging problems that cause us to put elbows on table, chin in hands, and gaze out the window.   We cover such things as writing in the active voice, analyzing sentence and paragraph structure, story arc, and the like.

Dispelling Stereotypes as a Military Writer

by Ann DeWitt

Have you ever travelled out of your local region and stayed with family or friends who have a different dialect than you?  Have you noticed that after a while, you begin to pick up a few new fun phrases or words?  Then, when you return home, someone says, "You sound funny."  This has been my experience and, based on media reports, the experience of United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as well.