Webmaster's Corner - Twitter Links Down

Unfortunately, Twitter made some changes to their linking methods, so at least for a few weeks the MWSA website will not synchronize with Twitter. I hope to have a workaround in place as soon as possible. As companies like Twitter try to make money, they are wanting to charge websites to embed feeds and other links.

Other features of the website are unaffected by this problem.

Please update your profile to include at least your city/State

Everyone, please pass the word. If you have a book in the running this year, please get out there and make sure that at least your city and state are in your profile. This is your responsibility to maintain unlike in years past. Without it, we will not be able to send the media release for nominees to your area...which will impact your promotional moment if you should be nominated. 

Thanks. :)

Airport Shuttle in Dayton!

Just a note: Here is the scoop on the airport shuttle to the airport direct from our contact at the hotel, Matt.

"If the member does not schedule 7 or more days in advance the shuttle would be $84.00 per person.

If they meet the time line requirement it is $20.00 per person.

They are to phone (937) 431-4613. The person normally answering the phone is Amy

If she is not there Matt will try to answer her calls as well as his, so there may be a delay."

About the 2012 Awards Nomination Process

Hi everyone,

Was a very long day yesterday, but the books for 2012 awards have been reviewed, scored, ranked and evaluated. The nominees will be announced on Veterans Radio Network Saturday, July 28 beginning at 9 em est. Dwight Zimmerman will host the show and MWSA VP Mike Mullins will appear in the third segment to read the nominees. (Neither Mike nor Dwight will see the announcement until minutes before the show. <twinkle.>)