No One's in the Office, But Still Selling Books

While preparing to go on vacation I was concerned about how to handle my publishing and book selling business. Sure, I'm online and so are my book sales, but I will still have to advertise and fulfill sales while gone.


I can't afford to hang a sign on my website saying, "Gone fishing, be back in two weeks". I don't think potential customers would understand. I don't think you can afford to do so either. So, what is a niche publisher to do?


MWSA Announcement

Six American authors have been selected to tour US Navy library facilities, schools, and local communities in Naples and Sicily -- and in Rota, Spain. 

The Gene

My mother scared the hell out of me a couple of nights ago.  She called when I was in the middle of an evening run, and my heart nearly froze in my chest when her name appeared on my phone.  If you don’t know my family, that probably seems like an overreaction.  It isn’t.  Mom NEVER calls me unless it’s an absolute emergency, and (in her mind) nothing short of planetary cataclysm is dire enough to justify a phone call after 6:00PM.  So seeing her number pop up gave me a jolt of pure adrenaline.