MWSA eNewsletter test

I apologize to everyone, but we are testing the MWSA website's ability to send announcements to users. If you have not tested the new site, please do!

We are going to be asking members for suggestions during the 2012 MWSA Conference. Remember, the MWSA website belongs to you.

Again, we apologize for sending this test to everyone, but we were having some bulk-mail problems.

- C. S. Wyatt

Calling All MWSA Gold Medal Winners for Historical Fiction

We are collecting donations of Gold Medal winners in the category of Historical Fiction for the upcoming auction at this year's conference. Please support this special event with your donation of a copy of your book. The books will be bundeled and auctioned off to the highest bidder! Isn't this exciting!

Joyce Faulkner, our terrific President, has asked me to garner your support and donation. Please consider this wonderful way to showcase your book and add to another member's reading pleasure.

Self Publishing Misconceptions

Fellow author RJ Keller and I created, several years ago, a writers' comic relief YouTube series called "Inside the Writers' Studio."

We usually focus our episodes on the humorous aspects of some of the frustrations of writers (while also, at times, making fun of writers, as in our episode titled "Writer Stereotypes"), but after reading an interview with Sue Grafton in which she refers to self-publishing as "lazy," I guess you could say we set aside the "funny" and responded seriously to this misperception.

Announcing new candidates for MWSA officers!

As you know, my term as President of MWSA will be up on September 29, 2012 and I will be stepping down. Although we've grown a lot during my tenure, it's time for new ideas and new leadership. As such, I'm pleased to share with you the names of four members who have agreed to take on the leadership of our organization for the next three years. I want to thank each of them and pledge my support as they build on what we've started and create new ways to achieve our goals.