The Webmaster's Corner - Major Updates Coming

Redesign Starting

This weekend, we will begin a redesign of the MWSA website. The goal is to reduce the "menu overload" some members have noticed, especially on smaller screens and tablets. No functionality is going to be removed — our goal is to make the site easier to use and faster to navigate. We'd like to complete the redesign by September, so we can explore the new site during the annual MWSA conference. 

Webmaster's Corner - Twitter Links Down

Unfortunately, Twitter made some changes to their linking methods, so at least for a few weeks the MWSA website will not synchronize with Twitter. I hope to have a workaround in place as soon as possible. As companies like Twitter try to make money, they are wanting to charge websites to embed feeds and other links.

Other features of the website are unaffected by this problem.