MWSA authors report on their trip to Italy and Spain

Hi everyone, 

This year, we were contacted by Richard Aubry, a Naval Librarian in Italy, who had received a grant to bring authors to bases in Italy and Spain. Mr. Aubrey wanted to know if we had any members who would be interested in their program that is known as "Author on Deck." I nominated nine members. Mr. Aubrey and his committee evaluated the nine and selected two -- our author of the year for 2012, Jack Woodville London and multi-award winning novelist and biographer, Del Staecker.

Writing issues!

I just got off the phone with one of the reviewers who is also an English teacher. She encouraged me to mention to everyone who is writing and/or editing a book right now several issues that we see over and over again in the submissions that we receive. I'll bring them here for discussion over the next several days.

First, many of our members overuse passive voice. Passive voice is when the verb acts on the subject of the sentence rather than the object. Example, "The vase was broken by the wind." or "The boy was beaten by his father."

Debut of Audiobook, "Cherries - A Vietnam War Novel" Exceeds Author's Expectations

I am proud to announce that my audiobook version of “Cherries – A Vietnam War Novel” is now available on, Amazon.Com and I-Tunes as an MP3 download. Even if you’ve already read “Cherries”, the audiobook version brings the story to life. The narrator has a dynamic and exciting voice – each character having his own distinctive voice and accent. I was truly captivated and mesmerized by the narration – the style and emotion make it seem like a new story all together.