American World War I Battlefields - France ...18 - 28 May 2012

Flash ... American World War I Battlefields - France ...  Flash
18 - 28 May 2012

We are pleased to announce that General Carl Mundy, USMC, the 30th Commandant of the Marine Corps, will host this "special" tour. It will be the second time that General Mundy has participated in this WW I, Military Historical Tour!

You Are What You Eat Bug Man-An Excerpt from Commitment-A Novel

Let’s help them,” Tucker said, grabbing John’s hand and pulling him toward the commotion in the forest.

     The village surroundings had been busy with the sound of leaves crunching, vines cracking, and rhythmic chants for the past 30 minutes. Tucker led laughing gleefully as they went to investigate. Finally they found twenty men pulling on thick vines as they advanced the progress of a huge sago palm toward the village.

     “It is big, John. It will bring us lots of food. The kind you eat a lot of last time,” said Tucker.