Introducing Michael Winston

Hello, my name is Michael Winston and I write historical fiction novels. In addition to writing I am also an artist and have many other interests, from fossil hunting to cooking to bird watching. Being an army brat we moved every three years, so I was fortunate enough to experience various lands and cultures from an early age. I joined the US Navy as a young man and served aboard the Destroyer Escort, USS Cromwell (DE 1014) and spent three winters sailing the Caribbean and one winter in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean.

NAVY RULES--in more ways than one!

I am a product of the U.S. Navy. It all started in my sophomore year of high school when a classmate did a presentation on the service academies. It didn't hurt that I was dating a future West Point cadet, either. After visiting USMA I realized I wanted to served my country but not in the Army. I ordered and read the USNA catalog and believed every word.