Founder's Award Announcement

Hi everyone,

I was just on the phone with Bill McDonald and he would like to modify how he's been doing the Founder's Award in that he'd like your help.  If you'd like to nominate a member's book for the Founder's Award, please send me the title and ISBN. Bill is looking for books that inspire and leave the reader with a hopeful note. He prefers non-fiction but he doesn't rule out fiction if it fits the above criteria. The book should meet all of the existing MWSA review criteria. Reviewers, if you have read a book that you scored in the 60s that you believe fits Bill's requirements, please go ahead and nominate that book. Bill will read the nominated books and make his choice. 





Joyce Faulkner
Author of Windshift, USERNAME, In the Shadow of Suribachi, For Shrieking Out Loud