inside of me

you never knew how effortlessly you walked through the walls
I had placed around me
you reached the center of my heart so easily…touching my very soul
if tomorrow I drew no breath it will have been enough
to have felt your touch

life can be an excuse at times, to feel good about
what is not known, destiny the decider,
not chance, not for us

only late at night, in dreams, are my waiting hours
content as once more I feel your touch
they are only moments, not memories, for when
night turns to day; reality slaps me hard in the face
as I awaken from my dreams, once more alone

angry dreams of regret haunt my sleep; silently
they bellow themselves to me burrowing into
my subconscious mind

I know I spend far too much time searching my
mind for pieces of your soul
how can I not, when my thoughts cry aloud for you
I hide within myself, fearing what the world would see,
frightened of what you would think if you could see inside of me

Image of Wishing for Rain
Author: Jim Greenwald
Publisher: PublishAmerica (2005)
Binding: Paperback, 59 pages
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greenwald, jim