Dispatches - February 2012


 Hi everyone,

This is our second Online Dispatches and I'm beginning to see just how useful this format will be. I want to encourage everyone to submit articles, short stories, essays, photographs, illustrations,  and other ideas each month. Go to "Add Content" and then "Article." In the form you'll see several check boxes. Check "Dispatches" and the type of article you are offering. Then put your story in the body and save. It's that easy. You get buckaroos whenever something you've written appears in our monthly magazine -- and you will be glad you have them at the buckaroo auction this fall. 

We are planning the conference program for our Dayton Conference, September 27 -30th. Pat Avery, Buddy Cox, jim greenwald, and I are headed for Dayton to try and make some special arrangements next month. If you have suggestions or a particular need that you would like us to address, please send me an email. The more participation, the better the conference -- and the better the conference, the more fun we all have.  We should be posting details in the next Dispatches.

We have some wonderful articles in this month's issue of Dispatches. In particular, let me guide you to Leila Levinson's piece on "Writing to Heal" and Warren Martin's essay about free eBook aps. Congratulations to this month's Author of the Month, Dwight Zimmerman and Sharon Ruston wrote our Book of the Month, No Paved Road to Freedom. Jim Greenwald receives the Febuary William E. Mayer  Award. Contratulations to all of you.  

The topic for March WEM submissions is: "Lost Friends"  I hope you enjoy the challenge. Submissions are due on the 12th of March. They can be essays, short fiction, poetry, photography, illustrations. If you choose to enter a writing piece, keep the word count to 1000 or less words. A committee will blind judge your work on how well the content reflects the inspiration phrase and quality.

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 Fighter Pilot Rules for Life - Marcia Sargent

In the Ranks - Charles Bailey

Moon's Mutterings -- Mike Mullins

Tips & Tricks: Description - The Good, the Bad, & the Unnecessary - Joyce Faulkner

Connections - Joyce Gilmour

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Is Hollywood on Our Side? -- John Nevola

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The Healing Power of Writing -- Leila Levinson

Project Management History Lessons: Gettysburg - Paul Bruno, The History Czar

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The Late William E. Mayer Worthy of Being Remembered - Bonnie Bartel Latino


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Addicted - jim greenwald

Close to the River/ River of Dought - Mike Mullins

the mask / shadow lover - jim greenwald

she wrote me one last letter - jim greenwald

Image of The Faded Flag
Publisher: Red Engine Press (2011)
Binding: Paperback, 210 pages
Members Mentioned: 
Levinson, Leila
Zimmerman, Dwight Jon
Ruston, Sharon
Greenwald, Jim
MacPherson, Bob
Nevola, John
Martin, Warren
Bruno, Paul