William E. Mayer Inspiration Words & Phrases for 2012

The William E. Mayer Prize is in honor of the late William E. Mayer who was a member of MWSA. He was the essential renaissance man - a soldier, a doctor, a statesman, an author - and a loving husband. You can learn more about Bud Mayer in the book that he and his wife Heidi wrote in the last year of his life, called Waltzing with Death. This program recognizes that we all have many talents -- and many stories to tell.

Note:  The process is being updated - Check back often to see the update.

Bonnie Bartels Latino received the 2011 Gold Medal for her essay, "Christmas Whistles" and jim greenwald received the Silver for "False Honor." 

Here's the list of Inspiration Words and Phrases for 2012. Good luck!

February - "She/He Wrote Me a Letter"

March - "Lost Friends"

April - "Moving On"

May - "In Memoriam"

June - "The Final Fight"

July - "The Founding Fathers"

August - "Triumph"

September/October - "Flight of the Phoenix"

November/December - "Dogs of War"

Your work will need to be submitted for a given month by the 12th of that month.

Image of Brainwashing, Drunks & Madness: Memoirs of a Medical Icon
Author: William E. Mayer
Publisher: Winterwolf Publishing (2004)
Binding: Hardcover, 584 pages
Image of Waltzing with Death
Manufacturer: Mayer Publishig Group International
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Latino, Bonnie Bartel
Greenwald, Jim