Our Founder

The Military Writers Society of America was the brainchild of our Founder, W. H. (Bill) McDonald Jr.  A crew chief/door-gunner on UH-1D Huey helicopters in 1966 and 1967, Bill flew with the 128th Helicopter Assault Company  out of Phu Loi, South Vietnam. He was awarded numerous medals, including: the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Bronze Star, fourteen Air Medals and the Purple Heart.

Like most who encounter the moral extremes of combat, Bill discovered that war is a crucible of spiritual transformation. It is, quite simply, impossible to live through that sort of experience and not be changed by it. To better understand his own experiences, Bill began to write about them.

In the years since, he has discovered literally hundreds of other warriors who are driven to explore and reveal their experiences through fiction, non-fiction, poetry and art. It was Bill's vision to bring them together to share and promote their respective arts.

With more than 800 members, the Military Writers Society of America is that vision brought to life.