God Help Me!: Cause no one else will!

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Image of God Help Me!: Cause no one else will!
Author: Sgt. Clyde Hoch
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2014)
Binding: Paperback, 34 pages


Image of God Help Me!: Cause no one else will!

MWSA Review

God Help Me! Cause No One Else Will, The struggles with PTSD & TBI among veterans is in the news literally daily. Suicides among veterans are increasing and the help needed for our veterans seems to be non-existent to some.

Born of frustrationone veteran offershis solution to the problem. A personalstory told by someone who lived it and lives it every day. He makes no claims about being educated, just relates in his own words the; who, what, when, and where of his experiences.

TBI and PTSD may be talked about but what is important is what is being done about it. The frustrations felt by this vet are multiplied thousands of times over by a system that has yet to develop a system to deal with this. Frustration among veterans is real, blame is not the focus, treatment is.

The author offers his own story in hopes of helping those that share a common bond, that of “military service.”

Reviewed by: jim greenwald (2015)

Author's Summary

God Help Me! is a book about suicide awareness. Some estimates claim 150,000 Vietnam veterans have committed suicide since the war. One veterans commits suicide every 65 minutes. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is the leading cause. Read what it is like to live with PTSD. If you know someone who served in combat and seem to have issues I strongly suggest you read this booklet and pass it on to them. If your husband or son or daughter served in a war this booklet may help you to save their life. The profits from this booklet will be used to set up a world wide network to unite a veteran mentor with a veteran mentee. The veterans mentoring program works well. Who knows a veterans issues better than a veteran? Who better to help a veteran than another veteran?

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Hoch, Sgt. Clyde
greenwald, jim
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