Casualty of War

Casualty of War

By: Jon M. Nelson


With a terrified look upon his face,

I wonder what he’s doing in this place.

There are bombs exploding and bullets flying,

He’s curled up in a corner scared and crying.


I know that he did not ask to be here,

And I know he’s overwhelmed with fear.

Where are the parents of this child lost,

As he screams out in this holocaust?


I can feel his pain as I see his tears,

But his cries will fall upon deaf ears.

The sounds of war drown him out,

As he continues to scream and shout.


I cannot grab him for he’s out of reach,

I hear the incoming high pitched screech.

The explosion threw me to the ground,

And he laid there lifeless without a sound.


Why wasn’t I strong enough to save,

The boy too young to be put in a grave?

For this innocent casualty of war I cried,

Because it was senseless that he died.