Overture to Disaster

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Image of Overture to Disaster (Post Cold War Political Thriller Trilogy Book 3)
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Image of Overture to Disaster (Post Cold War Political Thriller Trilogy Book 3)







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Having enjoyed success with his Sid Chance mysteries, and his series of Greg McKenzie novels, Campbell has in his last three books turned to the Cold War era. This book concludes a trilogy of thrillers in which Burke Hill, a former CIA agent, confronts crimes that cross international boundaries and endanger Americans. In this concluding piece of the trilogy, a Russian officer who wishes to reverse the collapse of the Soviet Union steals nerve gas and plans to use it in an attack on U.S. soil.  Fans of Campbell's procedural-thrillers will enjoy the detailed unfolding of the plot, a step-by-step trail that leads from eastern Europe through South America and on to the story's climax at the nation's capital. Will the Russian renegade’s plot succeed in killing hundreds? Or will Burke and his compatriots save the day?  Campbell’s fans will enjoy finding out.

Reviewed by: Terry Shoptaugh (2014)

Author's Summary

It's a thriller right out of today's headlines, though it took place in the early nineties.

The theft of Soviet nerve gas weapons as the Cold War ends and the fate of a Special Operations helicopter mission to Iran set the stage for a thrill ride across continents as international chicanery gone wild seeks to restore dictatorial rule in the former Soviet republics. Can a disgraced Air Force colonel, a Belarus investigator framed for murder, and a spymaster suddenly left in the cold stop a disaster that will paralyze Washington?

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Campbell, Chester D.
Shoptaugh, Terry
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