Speculative Science Fiction

I often ask the question, "What would happen if a scientific enterprise worked?"  And then write a story, or a novel, on the answer. I've combined a human brain with an advanced computer and explored the interface of logic and emotion.  I've extrapolated genetic engineering to a a time when social disadvantages, like brown eyes, are selected out.  I've written about the demise of old age and resulting population and ethics pressures.  Most recently I've worried about the irreversibilty of man-made global warming, finishing a military science fiction trilogy whereby a Marine conquers the world in order to reform it.  And then, the invention of faster than light travel in order for elites to escape the earth.  I've written a book on the problems of settling a new world.

Currently, I worry the issue of science deniers.  Galileo who was imprisoned at home, Bruno who was burned to death, Darwin who even now is reviled, and the present Republican belief human guilt for warming is a hoax.  I wrote a book about the Bikini atom bomb tests where the theme was persuading authority that invisible, silent, odorless nuclear radiation was a threat. Is there another story in that continued advent of intellectual blindness? 


Military science fiction