The Day I got the News

By Christine Andrews


The day I got the news

I remember it all too well

It was Valentine’s Day 2010

Chatting with a friend

When the message pops up

Mom we need to talk now

I said talk to you later to the friend

Opened video chat

Seeing a sad face, tears streaming down his face

I said “What’s wrong son?”

He looked at me

And said “Mom, Scotty was killed”

Tears running down my face

I asked how and why

He said, “By an IED”

What is that I asked?

Tears coming down harder, can’t see the screen

A roadside bomb mom

Why God Why

Take someone so young was my words

Trying to stay strong for the family

My world is crumbling around me

A young Marine dead how can that be?

He is only 25 years old

My son and I cried for hours it seemed

I knew this young Marine very well

For that Marine was my grandson