Tiger Woman

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Image of Tiger Woman
Author: John W. Huffman
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2009)
Binding: Paperback, 374 pages


Image of Tiger Woman

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Tiger Woman is a fast paced, action packed, historical thriller.  Set during the Viet Nam War, the author, John W. Huffman has created a vicious killer of American GI's with his title character.  A stealthy Viet Cong field commander, her trademark use of torture and murder of prisoners has made her a top priority for elimination. While one might sympathize with her past, you can't help but cheer on the US troops while they attempt to track her down.  The author keeps the action moving as you read through the pages anticipating the conclusion - but you might be surprised.

Reviewed by: Bob Doerr (2014)

Author's Summary

Tiger Woman depicts a brief period of unconventional warfare that tests the boundaries of humanity in a haunting tale of unremitting evil no ordinary soldier ever trains to face. Captain Christen, a dedicated intelligence officer with the 25th Infantry Division, directs an all-out hunt for a roguish female who leads a small guerrilla force with chilling efficiency as she employs depraved acts of psychological warfare to instill terror in those she opposes. This historical fiction provides graphic detail of the bitter struggle between the hunter by day who becomes the hunted by night as the pendulum of power swings to and fro with the rising and setting sun. Tiger Woman infuses great passion into a previously undisclosed segment of the Vietnam conflict in a manner never before portrayed by bringing into sharp focus the female soldiers who supported the communist cause so efficiently.

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Huffman, John W.
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