Historical Novels Review -- Promo Op

I write a column called "The Red Pencil" for the Historical Novel Society's Historical Novels Review. This is an editing column that compares an early draft with the published version to show readers and writers how the author went from initial idea to final book.

I'm seeking an author who would like to promote his/her historical novel in the May issue. If you're interested, you must have an early draft a scene from your novel that can be compared to the final published book, and be willing to send me either a PDF, EPUB, or hardcopy of the book to consider. It can be an old title or a recently published one. If you'd like to see past columns to get an idea of how this spotlight works, you'll find them under "Red Pencil" at http://www.cindyvallar.com/critiques.html. There's no payment that accompanies this promo op, but HNS has a worldwide membership.

Your story can be in any subgenre of historical fiction, but it must take place before 1950. If you have any questions or are interested, please contact me at cindy@cindyvallar.com or cindyv@copper.net.

Cindy Vallar

MSWA member & HNS member