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Lone Star Daybreak is a work of fiction which depicts the political unrest in the United States to the point of Texas seceding from the Union as a modern day civil war develops into serious military actions.

The plot revolves around the policies of the President of the United States and the governor of the state of Texas. Along with an array of military activists in Texas we see the building up of a rebel armed force which would challenge the powerful USA.  Included in the plot development we see Russia brought in as a military ally to Texas providing military hardware and expertise to combat the US forces.

The reader will be enveloped into a modern day American Civil War complete with all the latest weapons technology where Mother Russia gets to have its revenge for the Cold War.

Reviewed by: Dick Geschke 2014

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Texas announces it will leave the United States and form a new country. Families, friends, and professionals across the United States see old loyalties broken and new loyalties forged in the fires of personal ambition and necessity. Unknown, average young people find themselves on the tip of the spear of the upstart Texas Defense Force, formed to protect the new country. In a night that will forever change his destiny, going-nowhere sales clerk Michael Minze discovers he has a talent for killing, and bright but underachieving student Ann Militzer is offered a graduation present she can’t refuse as a reward for her loyalty: the keys to a supersonic warplane.The leadership of the United States vows to stop Texas from seceding.And war ravages the nation.


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Larson, Erik L.
Geschke, Dick
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