The Importance of Having an Editor

Writing and publishing a book is a feat equivalent to conquering Mount Everest. The equipment, the years of training, and the hardship to stand on top of the world take a lifetime of preparation. It’s an epic adventure worthy of a book within itself. But what we constantly forget is that you cannot reach the top of this behemoth without one key element:

A guide

Sure, you’ve climbed several mountains before. You’ve got confidence out the ears and put small trails up a few hills to shame. But the Himalaya’s are not the place to screw around. You may be an experienced climber, but there’s no equipment more valuable than having a Nepalese guide whose lived there his entire life and summited a dozen times to help you.

This same mentality should be taken if you publish a written work. Find an editor to be your guide. It doesn’t need to be a Nepalese guy who’s climbed Everest a dozen times, nor does it need to be an editor at Random House with 30 years’ experience. Find someone who reads your genre, has general credentials in English or a few years’ experience, enjoys your work, and that will help you ascend to the top of the mountain safely and guide you back down.

There are many hikers out there who head out on their own, only to never return from the wilderness. Similarly, many writers publish themselves without review or editing and never sell more than 100 books. If you upload your book without assistance or proper preparation, your work will be forever lost in the giant slush pile now found on the internet

Find someone who will commit to accomplish the goal with you. Just as a guide will check over your equipment, double check the map and route for you, and have the iridium phone ready to call the emergency helicopters in the event of an accident, so should your editor check your grammar, copy edit your work, give you feedback on your characters, and provide assistance for how to publicize your book. It’s safer and increases your chance that you’ll make it to the top without stumbling too bad.

Find that person you connect with. Share you work with someone and team together to create great work.

Behind ever great writer, there is an even greater editor.

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