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"Proof of Our Resolve" is a novel about a Texas Army National Guard infantry platoon deployed to Afghanistan. This books attempts to convey some of the experiences of soldiers serving in Afghanistan through a fictional platform. The characters are representative of and much like the Soldiers and Marines one would find in a combat unit. The story's environment and tactical operations are as close to real as possible.

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Proof of Our Resolve could be a memoir rather than a novel. The story of a Texas Army National Guard Infantry platoon in Afghanistan, the themes are as old as war itself. Hernandez reflects on the human emotions -- excitement, horror, grief, dread, boredom, guilt -- that combat veterans have experienced throughout time. For the reader who craves action, there's plenty here. If you prefer storytelling of a more personal nature, it's here too.

Hernandez' work feels real ... like he's telling the story of people who he knew personally and who he needs to honor. However engaging that quality might be, it also contributes to the sense that we are seeing the world through Hernandez' eyes rather than Jerry Nunez'. This is exacerbated in dialog where the author endeavors to deliver information that the reader needs to know to understand the situation. Those who are familiar with current military jargon will fare better in this book than those who are not. However, this novel celebrates the spirit of cooperation and respect between units and allies -- and it helps the reader better understand the Afghanistan War and those who have to fight it.

Reviewed by: Joyce Faulkner (2012)

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