Autumn 2012 Recommended Reading List

MWSA Recommended Reading List

Autumn  2012

The Military Writers Society of America (MWSA) is an organization of over one thousand writers, poets, and artists drawn together by a common bond of military service.  One purpose of our Society is to review the written works of our members.  From our recent book reviews, we’ve selected the following as our 2012 Autumn Recommended Reading List:

Northern Colors by Michael Eckers
Seven Lives to Repay Our Country by Edward H. Carpenter

That Time, That Place, That War by Margaret Brown

Marcia Gates: Angel of Bataan by Melissa Bowersock

Your Gift to Me by Bonnie Latino & Bob Vale

Military Fly Moms: Sharing Memories, Building Legacies, Inspiring Hope by Linda Maloney

Jack and the Dragon by Lynn Salsi

Tying Up Water and Other Stories by Ross H. MacKenzie

CORPS VET: A Memoir by Dick Hrebik

Brothers Lost by David Michaelson

Red Sky at Morning by Steve Wilson

Vietnam War Hero by Jeremiah A. Denton, Jr.
A Tainted Dawn by B.N. Peacock

Wishing for Rain by jim greenwald

Battle for Baqubah - Killing Our Way Out by Robert Colella

Code Word: Geronimo by Dale Dye & Julia Dye

Mossingdene, 1944 by David Andrew Westwood

Tullykillane, 1941 by David Andrew Westwood

Burn the Town and Sack the Banks: Confederates Attack Vermont by Cathryn Prince

Our War: The History and Sacrifices of an Infantry Battalion in the Vietnam War 1968-1971 by David W. Taylor

Navy Rules by Geri Krotow

Commitment by Jeffrey Bennett


Now that summer is over, and we’re all looking forward to the holidays – or are we?? I suggest you take a break from the daily routine and settle back with your Kindle, Nook, IPad, or just an old fashioned book and take your mind off the economy, politics, or the simple fact that this is the time of the year for many of us where we start spending too much money and don’t stop until the holidays are over. Yes, we have just what you’re looking for:  a super selection of good books.  Check out a couple of the books mentioned above.