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Reminder of first MWSA Book Discussion Forum this coming weekend

March 23 - 25th. 

The book to be discussed is Marcia Sargent's terrific memoir, "Wing Wife: How to to be Married to a Marine Corps Fighter Pilot."  The book is fun, rawkus, charming, philosophical, and heartbreaking. It's definitely a must-read.  Here's some more information about it:

And here's an excerpt from the review I did of it: 

Announcing Book Discussion Forum - March 23-25th - Wing Wife by Marcia Sargent

I'm happy to announce a new online MWSA activity. There will be four Book Forum Discussions on our site this year. It will work this way...we will announce the book to be discussed. The author will do his/her best to provide it to MWSA members at a good price. Members who want to participate will buy a copy and read it before participating in the forum which I will moderate and the author will be available to answer questions.

Announcing first issue of Dispatches Online

I hope that you all will enjoy this online version of Dispatches. I know you have been clicking away in expectation of it, but as you know, it takes a lot of work to do something new. All of you who have submitted articles, jim greenwald will be adding up your contributions and Terry Gould will be updating your buckaroos in your profile accounts. Congratulations!

Here's the link: