Mike "Moon" Mullins 1948-2017

Mike "Moon" Mullins

Mike Mullins-MWSA Author of the Year Award

In December of 2017, the MWSA Board of Directors approved the dedication of our organization's Author of the Year award to honor long-time MWSA member, Michael D "Moon" Mullins.


Excerpts from a few of Mike's "Moon's Mutterings" column:


Each month it seems harder for me to do my column. Too often I feel repetitive. There are things about writing that do not change for me, while I set about evolving into a consistent and well-rounded author. Writing is art. Writing is an obsession. Writing can influence lives. Writing becomes history to one degree or another, but always lands there with a resounding thud. I watch television shows and grow irritated at the amateurish material I see and hear, in terms of the use of our language. I wonder who is teaching what to our students. People we consider polished professionals often cannot even adhere to basic principles such as comparative and superlative statements. I listen to broadcasters match verbs to the objects of prepositions rather than the sentence subject. I studied the evolution of language, but never the dissolution of same. I won't shop in stores that say men's room. They can pay to do it right. They are setting examples for young people. I know I am silly. Most only want to see the word "sale" and "% reduced." The point is I take language seriously. I understand that we speak in the vernacular. I understand that we use colloquialisms. We often write in the same, but when we do there is a purpose, often tied to dialogue. Mistakes, which we all make, are not my concern. Quality, and the effort it takes to sustain it, are. That is one of the reasons I am proud of MWSA. Quality is a core value and the programs we put together are meant to help us all maintain a higher than usual level of that disappearing goal. 

The criticisms I have gotten within this family have helped me evolve into a better writer. The support I get here has turned my educational training into something more creative and flexible. I continue to learn. Every time another educational opportunity is offered to us, it is a chance to be something more than I was before. Our membership forces me to think about what I do. I doubt I will ever be satisfied. I doubt anyone here will be. We push each other at the same time we offer a word of support. It is a pretty good deal for a few bucks a year. 

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