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Authors are stronger when they exchange ideas, share resources, and support one another
— Brian Feinblum, The Writer magazine

Benefits of MWSA membership

  • Join a community of writers with a connection to the military
    • Wide range of interests and experience
      • From first-time writers looking for guidance to... 
      • Authors with decades of experience and multi-thousand book sales
  • Submit your book for review and award consideration
    • Membership required in order to have your book considered
    • Recognition by MWSA review and/or award helps in your marketing and "brand-building"
  • Get updates via MWSA's quarterly magazine Dispatches
  • Join the discussion on our dedicated Facebook & Goodreads pages
  • Meet and network with other MWSA authors and members at our annual conference and other special events
  • New Programs for members:

Who can join?

  • Anyone with a connection to… or an affinity for the US military

    • Did your second great grandfather serve during the Civil War?  That's good enough for us!

    • Most of us are veterans—or spouses of veterans—but we're basically looking for people who care about our country and its military.


  • $75 per year

How to join

  • Join our organization by visiting our dedicated membership website
    • Add your name and contact details
    • Use our convenient and secure online payment system

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