Read My Shorts; by E. Franklin Evans

Author's Synopsis:
Join a visitor to the Civil War’s Fredericksburg battlefield, a returning crewmember to a World War II Battleship, a theory of the last days of the aviatrix Amelia Earhart, and a visit to a cantankerous veteran. These are some of the stories, fictional and nonfictional, for your reading pleasure. Gathered from my years of experiences and loving history, a reader joins me in a tour of my memories and imagination. Lost love speaks of the loss of a loved one and a return to places she enjoyed. A young boy learns the meaning of Memorial Day from a mysterious visitor. These and more await your reading pleasure.
Award winning author, E. Franklin Evans, shares some of his published and unpublished short stories. Harvesting them from his personal experiences and vivid imagination, he leads the reader through his passion of writing. He has personally visited many of the places he takes his readers. Frank is a retired Lieutenant Colonel of infantry and counterintelligence special agent in the US Army. He is the author of Stand To…A Journey to Manhood, a stirring memoir of his combat tour as an infantry Lieutenant in the jungles of Vietnam. He has published several books for the clients of his publishing company, Franklin Morrison Publishing. He holds master’s degrees in management, computer resources management as well as a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. He has taught microcomputer applications as an adjunct professor, been a research scientist in digital communications, and is currently a uniformed volunteer for his local sheriff’s office. He is a father of three grown children and currently lives in Tennessee with his lovely wife, Pamela.

ISBN: 9781520926841, ASIN: B06XRMJV8R
Book Format(s): Kindle, ePub/iBook
Genre(s): Romance, Literary Fiction, Collections, Nonfiction, History, Memoir, Biography
Review Genre: Collections—Anthology
Number of Pages: 94