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Tullykillane, 1941

Sean Russell, a Boston teen, has signed on as seaman on a convoy to Liverpool. His ship is torpedoed by a German submarine, and he’s washed ashore on the coast of County Mayo, the only survivor. His best friend has been drowned.

He is nursed back to health by the Connolly family, fishermen who live outside the law. As he recuperates, he meets Sally, the daughter of the local policeman, which alienates the Connollys. Sean does his best to remain his ties with them, though, because he plans revenge for the loss of his friend, and they could be useful.

Kelsmeath, 1940

The story opens in the present, at an anniversary of the Battle of Britain. Daniel Lamb, veteran ace pilot for the Royal Air Force, now ninety and handicapped, is being driven to the celebration to receive an award as one of the last of ‘the Few.’ On the way, the passing panorama triggers memories of that summer of war and love.