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Stand To...A Journey to Manhood

My award winning Vietnam memoir, Stand To...A Journey to Manhood, will be available FREE on for the duration of the MWSA conference. I invite all members to download a copy and, hopefully, post a comment/review on Amazon. I am proud to state that Stand To...A Journey to Manhood, was the MWSA Founder's Award recipient for 2009.  It chronicles my year in Vietnam 1968-9 as a new "butterbar" lieutenant of infantry in the Central Highlands and jungles of Vietnam.

Emailed Tale from Laos

This is a forwarded email I received today from a friend...At least anecdotally confirmed as accurate:

Said to have been recently declassified:

I was told this little story by a Air America troop when I first arrived at Ton Sun Nhut in Jan 68. The written version is not nearly as good. but does fit with the story I got verbally. == ' AIR.

This is too good a story not to pass on to all VN era GIs. And of course, others with memories of that time frame.



Dwight Jon Zimmerman to be Guest Author at North Dakota 2012 Chautauqua

Devils Lake, North Dakota, native and award-winning author Dwight Jon Zimmerman has co-authored with bestselling author and television anchor Bill O’Reilly LINCOLN’S LAST DAYS The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever which debuted at number two on the Wall Street Journal’s bestseller list in Nonfiction and also number two in the New York Times bestseller list for Children’s Chapter Books.