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"At Ease" radio show 9 a.m. EST December 29, 2012 news

A compelling memoir, a poignant personal journey, and an action-packed, teen angst and alienation, urban-fantasy novel are the books discussed as “At Ease” rings out the New Year. It’s a surprising author mix, but tune in and you’ll see why we did it. Listen to us at at 9 a.m. EST Saturday, December 29.


Message from Macmillan


Today I received this email from the publisher at Macmillan. I am passing this on to the membership because I believe there is information that is important, regardless of whether or not you are an author for one of the New York houses.




 To Macmillan Trade Authors, Illustrators, and Agents, 

New Fund Raising Helping People Save Money on their Cell Phones and More

A few months ago a good friend and Nationally recognized Fund Raising Expert sent me an email suggesting that I watch a short video. After I watched it I realized that I had found a way that I could save money on my monthly cell phone bill. With me being on a fixed income this was great to see.

I also found out that Solvaei Pays Customers when we Share their service with others.

This is a very unique company and many Veterans are already involved. 

Selling it slowly: When a book tour might not be in the cards

I just read Benjamin Busch’s article in the Authors Guild Bulletin. The author of Dust to Dust (which I have on my reading list) talked about how he hit the road to promote his book. He’s right, authors are an integral part of the sales force and he’s right that connecting with readers in person is important.

Book news to Share

First, books news. Two new books out. Translations for German, French, Spanish and Italian. Likely also Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and Chinese with overseas editions for India and Indonesia done in English with publication in India. Second, Facebook. Recently, my followers rocketed to over 50,000. It's made sharing about my books, characters and creations a lot more fun, especially when you see 6000 or 7000 people have viewed something you posted. Hearing from a lot more readers in messages has been fun too.