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Celebrating my 150th book!

Hope you'll stop by the new 'Meet Robert Stanek' website @ I’ve been writing stories for many years. Though I’ve always been a writer at heart, I never set out to be a writer. What I wanted to be, I didn’t know when I said goodbye to high school. What I wanted to do though, I knew that: I wanted to see the world—and so I did while serving my country in distant lands.

An Old Writer's Life

I didn't start writing until I was 60 so I am a new old writer.  That's not such a bad thing because by the time you reach such an age you have plenty of stories to tell and you are past the point where you crave fame and fortune.  I started by writing short stories about my days as a US Army Security Agency Laotian Translator/Interpreter during the Vietnam War in Thailand and Laos.  Some of these stories became "Tales of Ramasun" which has been reviewed by MWSA.  I have just published another batch or Ramasun stories as well as some other non-military things.  I had a lot of fun writing th

'Red Sky at Morning' receives an excellent review

As some of you may know, my debut novel, 'Red Sky at Morning', recently received a 5 Star rating on, and once again, the characterizations of the book's protagonists were a big part of that. Interested readers of military/espionage fiction can view it here:

Forever Growing -- A Journey of Trust


Out of chaos, racism and deprivation a child walks with God and emerges a vibrant, caring and accomplished woman.  As an author, public speaker and community leader, overcoming the legacy of the past and becoming a willing servant to the Lord is Richelle Rodgers’s greatest accomplishment.  Richelle has overcome the legacy of a childhood filled with violence and poverty to become a willing servant to the Lord