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New Poll...Vote for Mockup Anthology Cover

I have set up two possibilities for our MWSA 2012 Anthology cover. As you know, the theme and the title is "Silent Battlefields" -- Here are the two mockups. They will of course look different once we know how many pages we will have and what we really want to put on the back.

Here are the two choices.

Option One -- Gettysburg in golds and browns.

More Afghanista​n Videos Online from trip with our Troops + More NEWS

Hello to all my MWSA Friends:)

This is a brief update from Bob Calvert

1. 459 people voted for talkingwithheroes during the six week period we were asking people to vote online for the CHASE Living Social Grant Campaign. Thank You to Each of You who Voted and Thank You to Each of You who helped get the word out. We find out late August or early Sept. who the 12 Grant recipients will be.



Life is full of stressors

I, adamant about not being called disordered

Don’t ask – Don’t tell

Leave me alone

Do ask – Do tell

For I am caught in a place in-between heaven and hell

            It’s as if I am in a humvee in a small insignificant convoy…

            Aimlessly driving…

            The lead vehicle hit…can you say “I-E-D”?

            The third and last vehicle has disappeared from my dream and in reality