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Getting back to my roots as a writer

Back in college at Central Michigan University, for two years I wrote for the school newspaper, the award winning CM Life. I was an editorial columnist - which meant I had the privilege of writing about whatever I felt like. Some of my material was funny, some serious, a few pieces were political - while others simply poked fun at campus life.

Great for sale about SUCCESS

Hello. Just joined the group and would love to get involved in the activity I see taking place on the site. Also have a great book about success fashioned on my more than 24 year career in the United States Air Force.  Please check it out at or on Key words: A Practical Guide To SUCCESS in the United States Air Force.



Rodney Phillips

Thanks to MWSA!

I want to send a huge shout-out of thanks to the Military Writers Society of America. This is an organization that keeps history alive by reviewing and promoting books about all aspects of military history: fiction and non-fiction, biography, young adult, poetry, even children’s books. The society is well-organized and well run, supported by thousands of members and numerous reviewers.