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Self Publishing Misconceptions

Fellow author RJ Keller and I created, several years ago, a writers' comic relief YouTube series called "Inside the Writers' Studio."

We usually focus our episodes on the humorous aspects of some of the frustrations of writers (while also, at times, making fun of writers, as in our episode titled "Writer Stereotypes"), but after reading an interview with Sue Grafton in which she refers to self-publishing as "lazy," I guess you could say we set aside the "funny" and responded seriously to this misperception.

Who's Minding the Store?

Congratulations to the nominees for the 2012 Book Awards!

My next novel is about a manager of a retail home improvement store who has one week to improve sales or risk having it shut down. I missed the chance to enter my novel in 2012 for MWSA, but look forward to discussing this with all of you upon its release this fall.

Once again you have my congratulations to the nominees.


Tech Talk Table at 2012 Conference

Have a Tech Question?

During the MWSA Conference, I will be sitting at the Tech Talk Table. The table will be conveniently placed between conference rooms. Whatever questions you have, I'll do my best to answer them. While we want to focus on the MWSA website, I will also be answering questions about e-books, blogging, and software for writers.

The Webmaster's Corner: New Site Design

Access for Most Devices!

We are now testing the MWSA website to improve support for smartphones and tablets. We know many members have portable devices, so we are trying to support everyone as best we can. There are some minor glitches still, but the site does work on iPhones and iPads. Please let us know if you experience any serious problems. There will always be little minor annoyances with smaller screens, though.