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Great for sale about SUCCESS

Hello. Just joined the group and would love to get involved in the activity I see taking place on the site. Also have a great book about success fashioned on my more than 24 year career in the United States Air Force.  Please check it out at or on Key words: A Practical Guide To SUCCESS in the United States Air Force.



Rodney Phillips

Thanks to MWSA!

I want to send a huge shout-out of thanks to the Military Writers Society of America. This is an organization that keeps history alive by reviewing and promoting books about all aspects of military history: fiction and non-fiction, biography, young adult, poetry, even children’s books. The society is well-organized and well run, supported by thousands of members and numerous reviewers.

My 1st MWSA meeting.

I just returned from attending my first Military Writers Society of America meeting. I joined the group a couple of months ago and was really eager to attend this year’s meeting in Dayton, Ohio. I was not disappointed. The women and men of MWSA are devoted to those wearing the uniform today and those who wore the uniform in years past. They are committed to preserving the stories of our nations military. They write, they publish, they share.