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What is the best advice you've ever received?

Life can be tough and I'm sure you've heard the saying "that which does not kill us, makes us stronger."  What piece of advice--whether professional, practical or personal-- has made the biggest impact on your life?   Have you ever had to put the advice into action?  What was the outcome?



(Originally published in Military Times, 12/30/91


         Sometimes we see the U.S. military on a global scale – like a monolith of might, not to be reckoned with. But if you stick around long enough on any give day at any given post or base, you never know who you might run into.

         One day when I was working as a volunteer at the thrift shop at England AFB, La, a woman and her little girl came in to consign some items. As I priced her things, we got to talking.

Celebrating my 150th book!

Hope you'll stop by the new 'Meet Robert Stanek' website @ I’ve been writing stories for many years. Though I’ve always been a writer at heart, I never set out to be a writer. What I wanted to be, I didn’t know when I said goodbye to high school. What I wanted to do though, I knew that: I wanted to see the world—and so I did while serving my country in distant lands.

An Old Writer's Life

I didn't start writing until I was 60 so I am a new old writer.  That's not such a bad thing because by the time you reach such an age you have plenty of stories to tell and you are past the point where you crave fame and fortune.  I started by writing short stories about my days as a US Army Security Agency Laotian Translator/Interpreter during the Vietnam War in Thailand and Laos.  Some of these stories became "Tales of Ramasun" which has been reviewed by MWSA.  I have just published another batch or Ramasun stories as well as some other non-military things.  I had a lot of fun writing th