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First, books news. Two new books out. Translations for German, French, Spanish and Italian. Likely also Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and Chinese with overseas editions for India and Indonesia done in English with publication in India. Second, Facebook. Recently, my followers rocketed to over 50,000. It's made sharing about my books, characters and creations a lot more fun, especially when you see 6000 or 7000 people have viewed something you posted. Hearing from a lot more readers in messages has been fun too.

My weekend at Fort Hood (and where I fit in as an author)...

My husband and I just returned from visiting our lieutenat son who's stationed at Fort Hood, TX. Being back on that HUGE post brought back lots of memories. We lived on Fort Hood from 83-84 when my husband, Tom, served as an Air Force liaison officer with the then 6th Cav Brigade.

About 'Who's Minding the Store?'

‘Who’s Minding the Store?’ is about a retail home improvement store on the verge of being shut down unless sales improve. Enter Derrick Payton, a veteran retail salesman and manager. He arrives to The Design, Your Choice for Home Improvement to take on the role of operations manager. On his first day his district manager tells him, “You’re the new store manager and you’ve got one week to improve sales or the store will be closed permanent!”