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Webmaster's Corner - We're Almost Done!

Yes, it really is almost done...

The new and improved MWSA Website (version 3.0) is up and running. In the coming days, we will be sprucing up the artwork and adjusting the colors a little. It was a three-day rush with a lot of help from Jim Greenwald, Joyce Faulkner, and Dwight Zimmerman. In the last two years, we've transformed the MWSA site from an old-fashioned static site to a "live" site with content that changes almost daily. If you aren't using the site... you should be!

Webmaster's Corner - Big Site Redesign Coming!

One final reminder -- the MWSA website goes offline Friday through Sunday, March 29-31, 2013. This is a major overhaul, intended to improve phone, tablet, and computer screen appearance. Also, we will be streamlining the site significantly. Expect some pretty radical changes. The summer will be spent improving the site, based on experiences, so we can have a great site by the next conference.

The Colby Award

My non-fiction military history book Kontum: The Battle to Save Vietnam won the Colby Award, which includes a $5,000 author's honorarium.

It was published by the University Press of Kentucky in September 2011. The award will be presented to me at the William E. Colby Military Writers Symposium at Norwich University in April 2013.