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My 1st MWSA meeting.

I just returned from attending my first Military Writers Society of America meeting. I joined the group a couple of months ago and was really eager to attend this year’s meeting in Dayton, Ohio. I was not disappointed. The women and men of MWSA are devoted to those wearing the uniform today and those who wore the uniform in years past. They are committed to preserving the stories of our nations military. They write, they publish, they share.

Marketing and Goodreads

…here is a follow up thought on the Marketing and Goodreads blog posting. As a refresher, Goodreads is a book Web site where readers list books they have read and post ratings and/or reviews on those books. Goodreads does not sell books, but does help bring attention to works. The Web site has a giveaways function where authors can generate some buzz for their writing efforts.

Stand To...A Journey to Manhood

My award winning Vietnam memoir, Stand To...A Journey to Manhood, will be available FREE on for the duration of the MWSA conference. I invite all members to download a copy and, hopefully, post a comment/review on Amazon. I am proud to state that Stand To...A Journey to Manhood, was the MWSA Founder's Award recipient for 2009.  It chronicles my year in Vietnam 1968-9 as a new "butterbar" lieutenant of infantry in the Central Highlands and jungles of Vietnam.