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Patrick Stewart Puts a Bold Face on Intergenerational PTSD.

Patrick Stewart, the actor who played Captain Jean-Luc Picard on the television series “Star Trek: The Next Generation” recently made the news not for his acting chops but rather for the way he answered a question from a fan. Stewart was participating in a Q&A when a young woman asked him about his work with Amnesty International and violence against women. His answer was compassionate and thoughtful.

Selling it slowly: When a book tour might not be in the cards

I just read Benjamin Busch’s article in the Authors Guild Bulletin. The author of Dust to Dust (which I have on my reading list) talked about how he hit the road to promote his book. He’s right, authors are an integral part of the sales force and he’s right that connecting with readers in person is important.

Turning kids on to nonfiction

I drove my daughter to school this morning; not because I don’t believe in school buses. I do. I drove her because aside from her knapsack, she also had her field hockey bag and her tenor saxophone (and we thought ants were the only creatures supposed to carry at least 10 times their body weight).

My 1st MWSA meeting.

I just returned from attending my first Military Writers Society of America meeting. I joined the group a couple of months ago and was really eager to attend this year’s meeting in Dayton, Ohio. I was not disappointed. The women and men of MWSA are devoted to those wearing the uniform today and those who wore the uniform in years past. They are committed to preserving the stories of our nations military. They write, they publish, they share.