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(Originally published in Military Times, 12/30/91


         Sometimes we see the U.S. military on a global scale – like a monolith of might, not to be reckoned with. But if you stick around long enough on any give day at any given post or base, you never know who you might run into.

         One day when I was working as a volunteer at the thrift shop at England AFB, La, a woman and her little girl came in to consign some items. As I priced her things, we got to talking.

My weekend at Fort Hood (and where I fit in as an author)...

My husband and I just returned from visiting our lieutenat son who's stationed at Fort Hood, TX. Being back on that HUGE post brought back lots of memories. We lived on Fort Hood from 83-84 when my husband, Tom, served as an Air Force liaison officer with the then 6th Cav Brigade.

'Hit The Roof' Means Something Special To These Air Force Pilots

My humorous column about fighter pilots first appeared in Life in the Times, the lifestyle section of AIR FORCE, ARMY & NAVY TIMES, October 14, 1991. A similar tale worked its way into my novel The Final Salute.

     'HIT THE ROOF’ means something special to these Air Force pilots