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Revisionist history of the Vietnam War.

In writing my memoir, I began to research the history of the Vietnam War. I remembered the low state of morale in the unit I was assigned to because I had transferred from a unit of extremely high morale in Germany and at the time I didn't understand how two units in the same army could be so different. I was most interested in a battle that took place just before I arrived in country, the battle of August 25th at Bong Trang. The company commander of my new unit had been KIA in that battle along with four other men and about half the company had been wounded.

MWSA Award-Winner Jocelyn Green to Speak in Virginia Beach

Regent University and First Baptist Norfolk Church are offering a free Military Wives Appreciation Dinner on Thursday, February 19, with award-winning author Jocelyn Green as the speaker. Her topic will be: A Legacy of Faith and Courage: Inspiration from Yesterday’s Military Wives.

This is a free event, but has limited seating, so be sure to register soon! (Deadline for registration is February 13.) Visit to register and for more information.

From Fighter Pilot to Book Publisher…RIP Lieutenant Colonel Neil Levin (USMC Ret.)


My former publisher passed away on January 1, 2015, in Oceanside, CA. The day after his passing, I reflect on what this man did for my writing career. Before 2008, I was a longtime freelance writer with multiple credits in national publications. But my one dream…the dream that seemed to elude me for nearly two decades…was to get my first novel into the hands of a traditional publisher, i.e., a publisher who believed in my work enough to invest time and money into my work.