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An Excerpt from 'Trinity Icon'

I'm in the midst of gathering more 'likes' on my military fiction Facebook page. You can find it here:

I recently posted a passage from my third novel, 'Trinity Icon', which is nearing completion. The excerpt generated a lot of interest, and is part of a campaign to get the word out about The Michael Neill Adventures, a series of military/espionage novels. Here's the link, which appears on my page:

The Day I got the News

By Christine Andrews


The day I got the news

I remember it all too well

It was Valentine’s Day 2010

Chatting with a friend

When the message pops up

Mom we need to talk now

I said talk to you later to the friend

Opened video chat

Seeing a sad face, tears streaming down his face

I said “What’s wrong son?”


By Christine Andrews


The rows of white Crosses standing tall in the snow

The Flags

The open grave

The American Flag draped over the coffin

Friends, Family, Military personal gathered around

Scripture being read, a few kind words

Sad faces, faces without emotion

The folding of the flag

Soldiers standing at attention in their dress blues