American Trophies: How US POWs Were Surrendered to North Korea, China, and Russia by Washington's "Cynical Attitude"

American Trophies: How US POWs Were Surrendered to North Korea, China, and Russia by Washington's "Cynical Attitude"

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The story of American heroes kept by our country's enemies and Washington's failure to recover them reads like a cross between a spy thriller and political expose. It uncovers decades of secrets and incompetence, right up to the Obama Administration, and reveals how Moscow, Beijing, and Pyongyang continue to thwart America today.

Based on years of research around the world by an investigative historian and former Special Forces officer teamed with the POW/MIA expert son of a missing Korean War flyer, it is by turns both enthralling and upsetting.

This book rips the lid off one of the most disturbing scandals in modern US history.

As you read the book, join our community to help with investigations the Pentagon and CIA can't -- or won't -- do themselves. Decipher names on declassified documents, track down Chinese and Russian officials and identify POWs in captured enemy film:

Includes information on Korean War POWs in North Korean, Chinese and Soviet prisons; Vietnam War POWs reportedly taken to North Korea; Chinese espionage; North Korean/DPRK "salting" of American remains; KGB exploitation of US POWs; North Korea human rights/DPRK human rights; communist torture and brainwashing; Cold War history; covert action (requested by the Air Force Chief of Staff to rescue American POWs the year after the war ended); Korean War special operations;  Cold War spy flights; Korean War history; Truman Administration; F-86; US-China conflicts; Soviet prison system, the Gulag; World War II prisoners of war, including German and Japanese POWs who reported Americans in Siberia; North Korean prison camps; North Korean military and government; Freedom of Information Act; North Korean agents; escapes; espionage; real-life adventures; real-life mysteries; B-29; new information on the Eisenhower Administration; F-51;  Obama Administration mismanagement; National Archives; declassification and secrecy; the Punch Bowl; JPAC; 2nd ID; DPMO; Pentagon secrets; CIA operations; military intelligence collection; Korean DMZ; North Korean abductions; Stalin; Chou En-lai; US defectors; surveillance flights; and untold US diplomatic history.

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  • Publication Date: 2013-07-25
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  • Binding: Kindle Edition, 352 pages
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