Ride The Rising Tide (The Maxwell Saga)

Ride The Rising Tide (The Maxwell Saga)

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Item Description

Trapped in the Dragon Tong's search for a lost legend, Steve Maxwell finds a way out by enlisting in the Lancastrian Commonwealth Fleet.

If he survives long enough to earn a commission, he'll be able to hunt down the pirates who killed his mentor. To get there, he'll have to slog through rain-swollen swamps, dodge incoming fire on a 'peacekeeping' mission, and face down a gang of angry smugglers. Even far away from enemies, a mistake can turn a spaceship into a deathtrap.

It'll take resourcefulness and courage to succeed... but Steve hasn't come this far in order to fail.

Product Details

  • Author: Peter Grant
  • Publication Date: 2013-07-13
  • Publisher: Fynbos Press
  • Product Group: eBooks
  • Manufacturer: Fynbos Press
  • Binding: Kindle Edition, 267 pages

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