Haunted Falls (The Nations)

Haunted Falls (The Nations)

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"Haunted Falls" wins the Laramie Award as the best Action/Adventure Western of 2013.
US Deputy Marshals Bass Reeves and Selden Lindsey track down Bill Dalton.If you are a fan of L'Amour, Kelton, Burroughs and Grey, you'll love Haunted Falls - the much awaited sequel to the best selling The Nations as it brings to life the American frontier! US Deputy Marshals, under Judge Issac Parker, The Hanging Judge, patrol the Indian Nations--the most dangerous place in the world--in the late 19th century. Black Marshal Bass Reeves long time partner, Jack McGann, goes undercover to ferret out some claim jumpers in the Arbuckle Mountains. He is bushwhacked and washed down the rapids and over Turner Falls. A restless spirit and a sacred white wolf send a fiery redhead widow to nurse him through his amnesia and other wounds back to health. Bass and his other partner, Jed Neal are sent to find the missing McGann, but are sidetracked into helping US Deputy Marshal Selden Lindsey track down Bill Dalton, the last of the old time outlaws. 
 "Son, I only warn once...you best step aside whilst you still have a chance," Bass said softly.
 May God have mercy on the outlaw's souls, because the US Marshals Service and Judge Issac Parker will not. Spirits, thrills, action, Indian lore, danger, treachery, romance, tragedy, humor, the supernatural and surprises! It's all in Haunted Falls. Time to saddle up!

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  • Author:
  • Publication Date: 2013-06-18
  • Publisher: Timber Creek Press
  • Product Group: eBooks
  • Manufacturer: Timber Creek Press
  • Binding: Kindle Edition, 348 pages
  • ASIN: B00DQAT62Y

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