Nobel Quotes - Inspirational and Perplexing Quotes Of Nobel Prize Winners

Nobel Quotes - Inspirational and Perplexing Quotes Of Nobel Prize Winners

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Since 1901, hundreds of outstanding individuals, such as Albert Einstein, Mother Theresa, and Barack Obama received the Nobel Prize for advancing the experience of our existence in five different categories: peace, literature, physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine and economics. This book collects their wondrous thoughts and sayings, so you may glance into some of the greatest minds who will not just inspire, but uplift, entertain, or even perplex you. You can draw inspiration from their unfazed attitudes, heighten your thoughts with their extraordinary understanding, and laugh with their sharp wit. I sifted through thousands of words in order to bring you the most enjoyable thoughts common to humanity, and my limiting the selection to Nobel winners ensures you read the best quotes.

Of the 835 Nobel Laureates, so far I collected quotes for 61, and I will keep on increasing this number in the future editions. The Nobel Prize is awarded yearly, so I will update this book on a regular basis as new Nobel winners are announced. You can easily redownload the newer version of the Kindle book after your purchase, so you are getting a lifetime access with one purchase to all future Kindle releases.

The Table of Contents groups Nobel winners according to the prize category, and lists winners in each category in chronological order.

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