387 Famous Quotes About Success, Life & Inspiration from the World's Most Famous People (Greatest Quotes Series Book 1)

387 Famous Quotes About Success, Life & Inspiration from the World's Most Famous People (Greatest Quotes Series Book 1)

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"I am a happy customer of Christine Collins' collection of "129 quotes"... but my happiness has escalated with the release of "387 Famous Quotes", as there are so many inspiring passages to choose from with such a large diversity of people and topics. One thing all the quotes have common: they make me want to succeed in all that I do."

---Jade Alise

"More Great Quotes!"

"You can't be too thin . . .

or too rich . . . .

or get too much inspiration -

And that's why I love this collection - inspiration at my fingertips.

On my iPhone Kindle Reader - it's free - it's always around when I need a quick shot of inspiration or motivation. One insightful quote changes my whole mood - and dramatically what I think is possible in my life.

Thanks, Christine - for doing all the work of getting these together in one place for my to have at my fingertips! "

---Bill Burns

What if you could put the greatest quotes ever written right at your fingertips whenever you wanted them? What if they were right there on your smart-phone or Kindle anytime you need to be inspired and fired up about success and life?

Well look no further than this Master Collection of famous quotes and sayings from best-selling author Christine J. Collins.

From 400 B.C. to the 21st century, these words and thoughts in "387 Quotes About Success, Life & Inspiration" will provoke, challenge and stimulate you like nothing else. Each of these 387 "masterpieces" have been carefully hand-picked from well-known and recognized business titans, artists, world leaders, celebrities, scholars and writers.

In this master collection of famous quotes and sayings, you'll learn:

---What Nike founder Phil Knight says is the KEY to success...

---What sparked Apple founder Steve Jobs into a period of creativity...

---What Warren Buffet believes is the key to an outstanding reputation...

---Why Hunter S. Thompson states a cloud of smoke is the best way to lead a successful life...

---What world-class athlete Lance Armstrong says about how "PAIN" is nothing compared to the alternative

---What football coach Vince Lombardi says how "leaders become leaders" (Hint: It's not that they are born that way)

---Why Dr. Seuss says you must ALWAYS be who you are...

---What basketball coach John Wooden says young people need more than anything...

---What Thomas Jefferson said was the direct result of believing in LUCK...

---What Helen Keller believed avoid danger is NOT safe...

Plus 377 more powerful and memorable words of wisdom you can use every day of the year and then some.

This book is an ideal present for young and old and everyone in between...particularly if you're looking for the kind of thoughts you want to start your day with and keep you headed in a positive direction.

You to know more about success, life and inspiration? You just found the catalyst with "Famous Quotes: 387 Famous Quotes About Success, Life & Inspiration from Famous People: The Master Collection II."

About the Author

Christine J. Collins is a writer focusing on relationships and human issues. Her books feature some of the most inspiring quotes ever for a world in need of such motivation. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her two sons and brittany spaniel, Abbey.

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  • Author: Christine J. Collins
  • Publication Date: 2012-02-12
  • Publisher: 9 Publishing Company
  • Product Group: eBooks
  • Manufacturer: 9 Publishing Company
  • Binding: Kindle Edition, 84 pages
  • ASIN: B0078Q2D6S

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