Tidings of Victory: Kinkaid in Europe (Jonathan Kinkaid Series Book 4)

Tidings of Victory: Kinkaid in Europe (Jonathan Kinkaid Series Book 4)

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This fourth installment in the Jonathan Kinkaid historical fiction series finds our daring American Navy Captain and his seagoing patriots taking the news of our great victory over the British at Saratoga to Benjamin Franklin in Paris, resulting in a treaty between France and our Independent Colonies, and a French fleet to American shores.
With spies and saboteurs, intrigue and villainy, this masterfully written tale is another triumph of high-seas adventure in the Winston style, as a more confident and newly married Kinkaid wrestles with his own demons as well as enemies of the cause. Filled with everything you loved about the first two novels, from the sound of booming cannons in ship-to-ship battles to a bold rescue mission of American seamen from an English prison, and much more. A fast-moving tale with unforgettable characters; an intense and vivid story that reaches a brilliant and unexpected conclusion. For lovers of great adventure novels everywhere. Bonus material included from the first book of Michael Winston's WWII trilogy; "Baptism of Fire," about a squad of soldiers in the North African Campaign.

The first book of the Jonathan Kinkaid trilogy, "Independent Action" finds our hero serving as First Lieutenant aboard the American frigate Randolph of 32 guns, blockaded in the port of Philadelphia during the winter of 1776-77. Tasked with orders to undertake "independent action" in the frigid waters of the North Atlantic against a mighty British convoy, she manages to elude enemy warships long enough to transform her crew-from the crusty boatswain O'Toole to the teenage midshipman Billy Weatherby-into an effective fighting force. A story of the fury of the sea and the waste of war, of brave but fallible men and boys who find themselves in dire straights, of history and the building of character, "Independent Action" is fast-paced, old-fashioned, high seas adventure at its very best.

In the second book, "Uprising," Kinkaid's daring and proficiency are tested to the limit when he is given command of the lightly armed brig, Swift, of 12 guns. Ordered to deliver a diplomat bearing a copy of the Declaration of Independence to the Dutch free port of St. Eustatia in the Caribbean, his mission seems easy enough. But then why have they taken on over 100 muskets and heavy weapons? All Kinkaid is told is that he must assist a major of marines with a secret assignment that takes them to the wet, steaming jungle island of Dominica, inhabited by cannibalistic Carib Indians. As if this and the might of the Royal Navy weren't enough to contend with, Kinkaid must also gain information of any pirate activity in the Caribbean that might interfere with American shipping between St. Eustatia and American shores. A story of strange allies and astounding deceit, of happy times followed by terrible heartbreak, where the tinkling of champagne glasses is followed by the roar of cannons in the blink of an eye, "Uprising" is rousing, fast-paced sea-going adventure.

If you enjoyed the Jonathan Kinkaid series, take a look at Michael Winston's latest and most ambitious undertaking yet, "Sunset of the Iroquois," about Washington's 1779 invasion of the Iroquois lands of New York State, a gritty, action-packed epic adventure, based on a bloody period of our history. While based on actual journals kept by the soldiers, this exciting story is told from both sides and is filled with Iroquois lore and tactics and technology of the elite Rangers. Reader discretion advised because of graphic descriptions of torture and violence.

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  • Author: Michael Winston
  • Publication Date: 2012-01-01
  • Publisher: Michael Winston
  • Product Group: eBooks
  • Manufacturer: Michael Winston
  • Binding: Kindle Edition, 319 pages
  • ASIN: B006S9C320

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