Uncommon Valor: The Medal of Honor and the Six Warriors Who Earned It in Afghanistan and Iraq

Uncommon Valor: The Medal of Honor and the Six Warriors Who Earned It in Afghanistan and Iraq

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A fascinating look at six of our bravest soldiers and the highest military decoration awarded in this country

Since the Vietnam War ended in 1973, the Medal of Honor, our nation’s highest award for valor, has been presented to only eight men for their actions “above and beyond the call of duty.” Six of the eight were young men who had fought in the current war in Iraq, Afghanistan, or both. All of these medals were awarded posthumously, as all had made the choice to give their lives so that their comrades might live.
Uncommon Valor answers the searing question of who these six young soldiers were, and dramatically details how they found themselves in life-or-death situations, and why they responded as they did. For the first time, this book also provides a comprehensive history of the Medal of Honor itself—one marred by controversies, scandals, and theft.
Using an extraordinary range of sources, including interviews with family members and friends, teammates and superiors in the military, personal letters, blogs posted within hours of events, personal and official videos and newly declassified documents, Uncommon Valor is a compelling and important work that recounts incredible acts of heroism and lays bare the ultimate sacrifice of our bravest soldiers.

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